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I'm interested in signing up with your company, now what?
Contact us by phone, e-mail, or through the "Contact" tab at the top of this website. We will promptly send you a written agreement to sign electronically or if you'd prefer, we can set up a time to meet with you at your office, at your convenience.

How do you keep your clients in the loop?

We keep our clients in the loop in the most eco-friendly, quick, and effortless way possible! Say goodbye to faxes and tons of paper! We are proud to say that we go green whenever possible! As the parking facility owner or parking facility authorized agent, you will receive a username and password to log-in to a cloud-based client portal. It is through this client portal that you will have direct contact with us 24/7. There is even a free app that is available for all apple and android mobile devices, making your job that much faster! Here you will have the ability to request tows, issue parking passes with an effective/expiration date and time, list tagged vehicles, send/receive notifications, view tow summaries with photos and much more! We also have a direct phone line that will connect you with a manager 24/7 for all of your towing needs and/or concerns.

Does your company have insurance?
All tow companies must have a Certificate of Insurance electronically submitted to TDLR from the insurance carrier, in order to be licensed. The COI's must be active at all times. With that being said, yes, we have all of the required insurance.

Do you provide tow signs or do we?
Parking facilities have the option of obtaining their own tow signs, however, we can provide them to you at no charge, per the Texas Towing and Booting Act 2308.401 (c). All signs must meet the requirements set forth in , 2308.301-2803.303. For an example, see:

What do you tow for?

We follow Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 2308, Subchapter F. As the parking facility owner, you have the option to customize which parking violations we tow for, according to your specific needs. For example, if you have a reoccurring issue with residents and their guests parking on the grass or you want to prevent vehicles from taking more than one parking space, we can enforce that for you, and much more.

How soon can you begin towing for us?

We can begin towing 24 hours after the tow signs have been installed. Of course, if your current tow company has you tied to a contract or a cancellation policy, we would have to take that into consideration.

What actually happens when a vehicle is impounded?

When a vehicle is found in violation of a parking restriction, our driver impounds the vehicle from your parking facility and tows it directly to the Vehicle Storage Facility. The VSF reports the impound to the Austin Police Department. The owner or operator of the vehicle calls the phone number on the tow sign, located on your parking facility. Upon arrival to the VSF, he or she is informed that all fees must be paid, acceptable identification must be shown and a TDLR-approved document must be presented proving ownership or right of possession. Upon completion, the vehicle is released.

Does your written agreement obligate me to a set term before I can cancel?
Absolutely not, we want you to feel comfortable signing our written agreement. You are able to cancel our written agreement at anytime, for any reason, with no questions asked. 

What is a parking facility?

In short, it is a public or private property, such as apartments, businesses, and parking garages that are used for restricted or paid vehicle parking. 

Where can I learn more about state and local towing laws?

See the following: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's website at; Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 85 & Chapter 86; Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 2303 & Chapter 2308; Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 681 & Chapter 683; City of Austin Code, Chapter 13-6; Texas Property Code, Section 92.0131.